Monday, August 21, 2017

College Take 2

       Tomorrow will be my first day of classes at UNC, and I am excited to dive into things academically, even though I am not particularly excited for all of the stresses of the semester.

       To write down how I am feeling about everything would be extensive, complex, and impossible. It is always changing. It never changes. I do not know how to put it into words. I suppose I am not that skilled of a writer.

Hoping for a year with less lung problems
(for starters), but I will definitely miss the
hilarious medical cards from my parents.

      Over the past few days, I have been particularly grateful for all of the familiar faces I see on campus, from high school friends to childhood friends to Governor's School friends. I have been stopped by so many people who have said, "Hey! I have been following your blog this year. Welcome to UNC - let's get together soon. Here's my number." I cannot express enough what a comfort this has been (and I will be taking all of you up on your offers!) Not only are all of these familiar faces helping to make the transition less lonely, but they are reminding me of how wonderful the people around me truly are.

     I always hate it when people tell me, "Everything will be alright," or "You are going to be okay." It seems so easy to say, so cheap. But this week, these phrases have been exactly what my soul has been longing to hear. Thank you all for telling me that things will get better, and that happier days are ahead. Thank you for cheering me on, and for reminding me that I am stronger than JA. Thank you for including me in your everyday UNC activities, and for taking the time to check in on me. Thank you for your invitations to lunch or to coffee or to walks around campus, and for introducing me to your friends. Thank you for your willingness to listen, and for explaining all of the "Carolingo" to me (word cred to Tyler Eaton & Faith Jones). Thank you for your hugs and for starting conversations. Thank you for accompanying me to events and for teaching me all of the campus shortcuts. Thank you for addressing what I know is not the simplest of subjects with so much grace and understanding. Thank you for promising me that I am not alone. Most importantly, thank you for being here.

    I am giving my goal of a positive, relatively healthy college experience another chance. I am thankful for all of the support along the way, especially from my UNC friends during this transitional time. Take two.

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