Monday, November 21, 2016


St. Louis Cathedral in NOLA
(The oldest cathedral in the country!)
  Good news, friends - I am doing much better!

      My health seems to have stabilized for the most part. I am no longer getting weekly infections and my joint pain is fairly well controlled at the moment. I have been walking and biking all over Uptown and the French Quarter, and I am enjoying the chance to exercise and explore the city. I am spending lots of quality time with friends and feeling loved, happy, and healthy. I am still probably having a tonsillectomy in December, but I have over a month of good times, winter holidays, and normal college stuff to look forward to until then.

An ironic picture of me enjoying
a rainy day in New Orleans
      I am so, so, SO ready for Thanksgiving. This year, I'm thankful for (wow, could I sound more cliché?) my health. I am thankful that I know I will be able to enjoy the break, flare-free, and that I am surrounded by a competent Student Health Center, rheumatologist, and hospital system here in New Orleans. I am thankful that my scary thoughts about whether or not college this far away is right for me have completely disappeared in light of my health improvements. I am thankful for college friends who have surrounded me with understanding, and who are now celebrating alongside me since I've been boppin' around without too much pain. I am thankful that I have not had to make my way over to Student Health many times in the past couple of weeks. I am thankful that I have found a church in New Orleans that I adore. I am thankful for courses that are challenging and intriguing, and a body that is ready to rise up to the occasion. It is a happy, healthy time, and I am having a blast at college and enjoying the start of this four-year opportunity to study the things I am truly passionate about. I am thankful that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

      I know there will be more dark days. I am not naïve, nor unprepared. When they come, I know they will hurt. But the eventual return of a storm is not a reason to ignore clear skies. It might be getting a little colder and darker outside, but I am brightening up and my world has become quite a bit sunnier. I'm thankful for sunshine.

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